Providing healthcare facilities to the underprivileged

Who We Are

The foundation for Saira Memorial Hospital was laid in in 1988 by Mr. Rafique Goheer, a Civil Engineer by profession, in the memory of his mother. He was acutely aware of the dismal situation of maternal and child healthcare and primary education in Pakistan. He was passionate to make a contribution in these sectors and for this purpose, donated a 4000 square yard plot in Model Town Extension for setting up a Hospital and another 4000 sq. plot for setting up a girl’s school in Sheikhupura.

The Hospital commenced its Outdoor facility on October 01, 1992 with a single Medical Officer. While, funds for the construction of the Hospital and procurement of equipment, were donated mostly by the Founding Chairman Mr. Rafique Goheer, his friends and members of the family, who shared his vision were a great source of support as well.

In 1998 Dr. Ali Atif Goheir, the son of the Founding Chairman, returned home from UK after obtaining his fellowship and Higher Surgical Training in Paediatric Surgery. After a short stint in Sh. Zayed Hospital as a Paediatric Surgeon he opted out of a promising career and decided to devote all his energies to make Saira Memorial Hospital a success.

Dr. Ali Atif Goheir after taking over as the CEO of the Hospital, set upon on an ambitious plan to expand and upgrade the hospital facilities. It is entirely due to his untiring efforts that Saira Memorial Hospital today is a busy multidisciplinary institute with all major medical and surgical specialties including a state of the art diagnostic laboratory and a blood bank.

The year 2013 did not augur too well for the Hospital. In March 2013 the Founding Chairman passed away and while the Hospital had not fully recovered from the loss of losing its benefactor Dr. Ali Atif Gohier too embarked on his eternal journey. The passing away of Dr. Atif, in the prime of his career, was a profound shock for his family, friends and colleagues and staff at the Hospital.

Nonetheless, Dr. Atif’s family showed a remarkable strength of character and inpsite of the irreparable loss, resolved to carry on with the mission of providing support to the ailing humanity. His wife Ms. Aalia Goheir who was working as an Administrator in the Hospital, took over as the Chief Executive. His son Mr. Ali Akvus Goheir, a business graduate with an MBA from the prestigious Lahore University of Management Sciences, who had earlier spent two years working at the Hospital, was appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

It is a matter of justifiable pride that today, after nearly two years of the traumatic events of 2013, Saira Memorial Hospital is steadily working towards realizing the vision of its founding fathers. The expansion plan launched during the life of Dr. Ali Atif Goheir is proceeding as planned.