Providing healthcare facilities to the underprivileged

What We Do

All patients seeking care at Saira Memorial Hospital are provided the best possible care irrespective of their capacity to pay. Our ethos is to treat the patients with dignity and respect and to ensure that all possible efforts are made to achieve the best clinical outcome for our patients.

Those patients who are not in a position to afford their treatment cost are divided into various categories depending on their financial circumstances. The patients who are able to pay a certain portion of their treatment cost are asked to contribute towards the expenses. Those patients who are unable to make a contribution are treated entirely free of cost. For determining the status of the patient’s paying capacity, their own word is considered sufficient, and to preserve their self respect and dignity no intrusive enquiries are made to determine their circumstances.

Working on his model since its inception, the Hospital is able to generate sufficient funds to sustain the delivery of subsidized and free healthcare to those who are in need of it.

Authentic records of the free and subsidized treatment provided are meticulously maintained, with complete personal records and the treatment provided, along with the cost incurred.

Every month hundreds of patients receive free and subsidized indoor and outdoor treatment at Saira Memorial Hospital which includes major and minor surgical procedures, gynecology and obstetrical care, radiologic examination including color Doppler ultrasonography, laboratory tests at our state of the art laboratory and provision of free medicines.