Providing healthcare facilities to the underprivileged

Clinical Support Services

Blood Transfusion Services

The Hospital has a Blood Bank, equipped with state of the art equipment, providing a comprehensive range of transfusion services round the clock.The Blood banks conforms to highest standards and is certified by the Punjab Blood Transfusion Authority (PBTA)



 The Anaesthesia Dept. is run by highly qualified professionals providing full range of anaesthesia services including epidural anaesthesia for surgical and diagnostic procedures. A pain management clinic is also being run by the Anaesthesia Dept. and provides treatment for patients suffering from intractable acute and chronic painful conditions.



The pharmacy operates 24/7, under the supervision of qualified pharmacists, and is stocked by quality medicines. Home delivery for patients is available and presently plans are underway to set up an online pharmacy.


Vaccination Services

All vaccines, as mandated by the National Immunization programme, are administered at Saira Memorial Hospital. The vaccination services is over seen by a qualified paeditrician.


Nutrition and Dietary Counselling

Patients and expecting mothers, suffering from chronic diseases, metabolic disorders and other diseases like hypertension and diabetes are provided nutrition counselling and dietary guidelines. In our experience dietary guidance and interventions result is better prognosis and outcomes with shortened recovery periods.

Nutritionist Doctor

Intensive Care Unit

The Hospital has a four bed ICU staffed by experienced, highly trained professionals, with excellent patient to nurse ratio, geared to provide the best possible care to their patients. The facility has state of art equipment including ventilators, cardiac monitors, wall mounted oxygen and suction system, ECG machine and crash cart with defibrillator.

Neo-Natal ICU

For neo-nates requiring critical care ICU facility is available at the Hospital staffed by trained nurses and doctors. The ICU has phototherapy facility, ventilators, cardiac monitors and incubators.