Providing healthcare facilities to the underprivileged




You can deposit your zakat amount in the Bank account given below or mail your cheques directly to the Hospital address. Your donation will help us in:

• Providing free medicines to deserving patients.

• Doing free surgeries, normal deliveries and caesarean sections for deserving patients.

• Conducting free diagnostic tests including X-Rays, Ultrasounds and laboratory tests.

• Establishing a state of the art ICU facility at Saira Memorial Hospital.

• Providing free medicines and consultation to patients at Dholanwal Free Clinic, Multan Road and Zahida Goheer Hospital, Kot Nizam Din.


Please donate generously towards this cause. You can deposit directly or online into the Hospital Bank Account. Please ensure that you provide your telephone number and address when you directly deposit in the Bank. In case of online deposit, please mail us the details of your contribution and your complete address. You can also mail cross cheques/payorders/drafts made payable to ‘Saira Memorial Hospital’, directly to our Hospital address. Please do not forget to mention your name address and telephone number.

Bank Account Details:

Title: Saira Memorial Hospital

Account Number: PK69 BPUN 7020 1680 0885 0006

Bank: Bank of Punjab, New Garden Town, Lahore

For sending your donations from outside the county please use the swift code: BPUNPKKAXXX


Saira Memorial Hospital is a non-government organisation which is not backed by any particular group (religion or otherwise) and it is tax exempted