Providing healthcare facilities to the underprivileged

OutReach Services


This free clinic was started in an economically deprived neighbourhood of Lahore. Every evening a specialist physician provides free medical advice and medicines to patients. The Clinic commenced operations in 2000 and presently an average of 800-900 patients receive treatment here every month. Those requiring more advanced care and investigation are referred to Saira Memorial Hospital.


This is a 5 bed hospital located at Kot Nizam Din, district Nankana Sahib, about 120 kms from Lahore. The objective of this facility is to provide basic medical and surgical care to inhabitants of Kot Nizam Din and surrounding villages. The Hospital has a five bed ward, operation theatre, emergency room, outdoor clinics and doctor and staff residence.

Presently the Hospital, owing to resource constraints, is not fully operational. A team of doctors and nurses from Saira Memorial visits the Hospital every fortnight. Free medical advice, consultation and medicines are provided to all patients. The facility has been extremely well received by the local populace and the number of patients visiting the facility has been constantly rising. Presently an average of 150 patients use the outdoor facility.