Providing healthcare facilities to the underprivileged

Future Plans

With every passing year the number of patients seeking care at Saira Memorial Hospital has steadily increased. We have endeavored to improve and expand our facilities to keep pace with the patient load.

To provide the best possible care to our patients in a dignified environment and to provide them with maximum comfort, we have added more space and beds, replaced old equipment and machinery with newer and more modern gadgets and up-graded the laboratory and diagnostic services. Most of this work has been financed by funds generated from Hospital operations.

In view of need for expanded and more diversified facilities we have planned to add an ICU unit. With the rapid expansion of Lahore’s population the demand for ICU beds has risen astronomically. At present the number of ICU beds available are woefully short. In government hospitals the beds are not available when needed and, a large number of serious patients who otherwise succumb to their illness, could have a better chance of survival if intensive care could be provided in time.

In private sector the ICU beds are available only in a few upscale hospitals and treatment at these centers is exorbitantly expensive making it impossible for most of the patients to seek care there. To help alleviate this situation we plan to set-up a modern, state of the art Intensive Care Unit at Saira Memorial Hospital. Patients shall be provided free and subsidized care at this center.

Similarly, with the rampantly rising incidence of heart disease, there is an acute need for more cardiac centers both in the public and private sector. We plan to have a dedicated facility for treatment of cardiac diseases including CCU, Angiography/Angioplasty facility and a dedicated cardiac surgery theatre. This center will provide subsidized and free treatment to patients with resource constraints.

The total cost of setting up the Cardiac Centre and an Intensive Care Unit consisting of ten bed ICU and all allied and support facilities is Rs. 150.00 million. A whole floor comprising of 13,000 sq. feet has been constructed for this purpose. We seek your support to make this much needed facility operational as early as possible and save precious lives. Of the budgeted expense of Rs. 150.00 million, an amount of Rs. 20.00 million approx. has already been spent from our own resources for the construction of this facility.

The floor, in addition to the ICU, shall house a state of the art operation theatre and its attached facilities patient rooms and wards and accommodation for nurses and doctors. The grey structure of the floor, as mentioned above, is already complete.

To help the Management achieve the objective of setting up this direly needed facility we appeal to our friends and supporters to donate generously towards this cause. We hope to complete the project by June 2016 and your support will help us meet this deadline.

Please donate generously towards this cause. You can deposit directly or online into the Hospital Bank Account. Please ensure that you provide your telephone number and address when you directly deposit in the Bank. In case of online deposit, please mail us the details of your contribution and your complete address.

You can also mail cross cheques / pay orders / drafts made payable to ‘Saira Memorial Hospital’, directly to our Hospital address. Please do not forget to mention your name address and telephone number. In case you desire to donate equipment or machinery, the details of the equipment required, are available with Hospital Administrator. We also invite you to visit the Hospital to personally see our operations. Please call the Administrator at 0333 4375337 to set up an appointment.

We look forward to your support.

Bank Account Details:

Account Title:     Saira Memorial Hospital
Name of Bank:   Bank Of Punjab
Address:             Ali Block, New Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan.
Acc. No.           PK69 BPUN 7020 1680 0885 0006 Swift Code:         BPUN PKKA 052